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Why Greenwood?

"Of all the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, Dr. Greenwood is by far the kindest, most compassionate, and understanding doctor I have ever been to. Not to mention his staff. I thought Dr. Greenwood was first class."

-- Stephanie

"Dr. Anderson takes the time to really identify my problems, not just slap me with expensive tests because my symptoms justify them. He saves me money by spending the time required to figure them out. Made me comfortable and that my opinion mattered to."

-- Kristi

"I owe Dr. Greenwood the world for changing my life in a way I didn't know conceivable.....Dr. G is by far the most down to earth, easiest to talk to doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with "bar none"...Thx Nick."

-- Nathan"

"Excellent service and support."

-- Joel

"Love him, awesome bed side manner, very knowledgeable and gets things done when he says he will."

-- Tae

"I was beyond impressed with Dr. Greenwood and his staff. They are all kind, understanding, take the time to listen to their patients, and do their very best to accommodate their patients needs and issues. I have never felt so comfortable and cared for."

-- Danielle

"Dr. Greenwood and everyone at this clinic are amazing. Understanding. Smart. Empathetic. Talented. Awesome People. I'd recommend the whole world to go there if they could. They saved my life, literally. With their KINDNESS and genuine SINCERITY."

-- Anonymous